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Vol. 4 No. 3 - Dormition 2009

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 4 No. 3 - Dormition 2009

Heaven in a Choir Loft
   Reflections of Orthodox Georgian-Russian brotherhood a year after the South Ossetian war. This article explores the spiritual brotherhood forged between Russians and Georgians in an urban Canadian parish, following the conflicts of the South Ossetian border war between Russia and Georgia. An encouraging and inspiring description of the triumph of Christian brotherhood over political division.

Canada Just Right for Western Rite Monks: An Interview with Hieromonk James Deschene
   Hamilton, Canada is the home to a unique Orthodox Monastery, the Brotherhood of Christminster, a Western Rite Monastery under the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). This interview with the abbot, Father James, explores the history of the brotherhood, and its unique place in Orthodox life in Canada.

Sitting on Herod's Throne
   An examination of the role of humility in the life of contemporary Christians.

A Russian Martyr in North America
   The missionary work of Saint Seraphim of Uglich.

   The Bridegroom Cometh! Tarry Not Too Long.

The Church Kitchen

Northern Nomenclature: Saint Catherine's, Ontario

Prayer & Life:
   Bringing Life to Deadness in Prayer.

Vol. 3 No. 5 - Feast of St. Nicholas 2008

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 3 No. 5 - Feast of St. Nicholas 2008

Prairie Voices: An Interview with Katya Szalasznyj
   Katya Szalasznyj is the Co-ordinator of the Canadian Orthodox Archives, a noted historian on Orthodox life in Canada, with a particular interest in the Canadian prairies. In this interview, conducted in late summer 2008, Katya shares with Orthodox Canada her personal recollections of spiritual life on the prairies.

In Praise of Temperance
   In this remarkable piece of century-old North American Orthodox history, Bishop Innocent (Pustynsky) of Alaska compiles a general report on the condition of the Alaskan Vicariate of the American Orthodox mission. In his report on Church Organizations, Bishop Innocent provides the following comments about the publication of the Orthodox Temperance Society pamphlet to promote sobriety among its members.

Santa Lucia: Canada's First Saint's Day Celebration?
   Follow the resurrection of this ancient western Orthodox winter feast day, its Canadian connection, and its timeless message of modesty and purity for young people.

Saint Boniface & the Christmas Tree
   In time for the Christmas season, this article dispels the myth that the Christmas tree is simply a holdover from pagan times, and reconnects this modern custom to its ancient Orthodox roots and the saint who pioneered it.

Northern Nomenclature: Saint Lawrence River

Vol. 3 No. 4 - Holy Cross 2008

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 3 No. 4 - Holy Cross 2008

A Time to Go: A Note to Public Schools Everywhere
   No institution (apart from the media) has a greater influence on the shaping of our society than does the school system, yet for many Orthodox families, the suitability of public education for Orthodox children is taken as a given. This article explores the ways in which long-trusted educational institutions undermine the Orthodox Christianity of young people, moving them further from the Orthodox Faith. The article also explores alternatives to the public schools, as a hope for Orthodox families.

The Education of Children: A Sermon by Our Righteous Father Sebastian Dabovich
   The Church Fathers offer timeless advice for the upbringing of children. In this article, a contemporary North American Church Father shares Christian wisdom about the upbringing of holy and spiritually healthy children.

The Drama of My Life: Blogs, Cell Phones, and the End of Privacy
   Technology is changing human life everywhere we turn, yet the dehumanizing spiritual effects of technology are rarely considered by many Orthodox Christians. In this article, the impact of the Internet, Blogs, and the ever-present electronic chain of the cell phone are considered in their spiritual context, inviting readers to reconsider their role in their life.

Where Did Our Time Go? Typewriters and the Disappearance of Time
   The natural flow of time in God's creation provides a rhythm for human life - a rhythm modern man often disrupts or ignores, with harmful effects. In this article, we confront the disappearing limits of day- and night-time, and their impact on our lives together.

A Lesson On Bees: Saint John the Baptist and the nectar of life
   The complexities of modern life call us to consider the simplicity of authentic, traditional living, and its spiritual connections. This article looks at the unique role of the honey bee in the life of the Church, and its enduring spiritual lesson to Orthodox Christians today.

The Way of a Northern Pilgrim: Some thoughts on Christian pilgrimage today
   North American life is perhaps the civilization most cut-off from its spiritual roots, out of any civilization in history. Written by a priest experienced in leading pilgrimages to holy sites around the world, this article calls Orthodox Christians and others to rediscover their Christian roots through undertaking pilgrimage to holy places, and drinking from the fountain of holy tradition.

Northern Nomenclature: Mount Royal

Note Worthy
   The spiritual roots of Canada's Royal anthem.

Vol. 3 No. 3 - Dormition 2008

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 3 No. 3 - Dormition 2008

The Empire Strikes Back: Cultural Imperialism and the Heart of Orthodoxy
   The concept of Empire is a broad and inclusive one, one which can serve the best interest of the sharing of the Gospel. Unfortunately narrow tribalism is often the order of the day in many places. This article explores the historical successes of Imperial thought, and the present failures of tribalism.

What's in a Name? Personal Christian Names
   Many contemporary popular names have Christian roots - although one might never know it. Discover the patron saints your friends never knew they had.

The Trinity and the Tricolour: Cultural fetishism and the Church
   Culture and Faith are too often blurred identities in Orthodox parishes in North America. This article tries to untangle these often confused notions, offering a vision for cultural awareness with an emphasis on a higher Christian purpose.

On the Commemoration of the Dead: All Orthodox Ancestors Known and Unknown
   Orthodox Christian Ancestors: most Canadians have them, but rarely have the opportunity to explore their own Christian roots. A remarkable study in the ancestry that unites us.

A Canadian First Hierarch: On the busses with Metropolitan Hilarion
   A brief reflection on the remarkable new Canadian-born First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

Rewarding Evil: The Order of Canada and the redefinition of a "better country"
   The recent awarding of Canada's highest award to a well known abortionist has drawn suitable criticism. Can our nation rescue the honour of its highest Order?

Northern Nomenclature: Victoria, St. Elias Day

Vol. 3 No. 2 - Pentecost 2008

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 3 No. 2 - Pentecost 2008

Saint Clotilde vs. The Revolution
   A call to Quebec nationalists to recover their authentic cultural heritage in the bosom of the historic Orthodox Church, and the inheritance of Her Frankish saints.

Marriage à la Mode
   The disintegration of marriage and courtship - even among those calling themselves Christians - is at the heart of the struggle for civilization. This article explores the consequences of Christian parents and young people losing the savour of the Orthodox understanding of marriage and courtship.

A Search for Wholeness: An Orthodox Response to Organ Donation & Retrieval
   The third and final part of this timely article on the Orthodox view of organ donation - now online in its complete and unabridged format.

Independent Orthodox Life
   How often has Orthodox Christian life been re-cast into something totally alien from the spirit of the saints? This article takes a look at several ways in which Orthodox Christians can be tempted to live an 'independent' Orthodox life, apart from the life of the Church.

On the Feast of the Ascension: A Sermon by Our Righteous Father Sebastian Dabovich
   A sermon by one of Canada's holy fathers, now being considered for formal glorification by the Church.

The Kosovo Lesson
   The sanctification of the holy sites of the Balkans finds its source in the Orthodox Christian life of its saints and holy ones. At a time when global politics is carving out a dark future for the holy sites of Kosovo and Metohia, faithful people are challenged to rediscover the true roots of the sanctity of the Serbian Orthodox heartland, and to transplant it into life in the West.

Vol. 3 No. 1 - Pascha 2008

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 3 No. 1 - Pascha 2008

Saint Brendan & the Newfoundland Coast
   An excerpt from the traditional record of the travels of Saint Brendan the Voyager, through the regions now recognized as the Newfoundland Coast.

A Search for Wholeness: An Orthodox Response to Organ Donation & Retrieval.
   Second in a three-part series, this long-awaited article attempts to bridge the gap between the view of the Church Fathers on the human body, and the increasingly pressing question of organ donation.

Canada's Tower of Babel: The Language of Exclusion
   How does our choice and use of language open - or close - the door to those with whom we would share the Orthodox Christian witness? This article examines the barriers of language and word choices in a Canadian Church context.

A Taxing Proposition: Some Reflections on the Taxation of Church Properties
   In this timely article, a charities lawyer examines the growing movement to impose property taxes on places of worship, and the impact this will have on the Church.

Madness On Campus
   This article discusses the spiritual dimension of violence on high-school and college campuses, and the ways in which faithful people can address this critical issue.

Vol. 2 No. 6 - Nativity 2007

Orthodox Canada - Vol. 2 No. 6 - Nativity 2007

The Underground Railroad: The legacy of Saint Moses the Ethiopian
   This article presents something of the spiritual heritage of former American slaves who found their way to Canada, and their roots in the Orthodox Church.

Patron Saint Slavas: Confusing the Serbs?
   An account of the growth of the Serbian family patron saint's day, its gift to Orthodox life in the western world, and its important place in the faith of future generations.

Groundhog Day
   The natural world is often discussed in light of contemporary environmentalism. This seasonal discussion of the way in which we might look at the prognostications of the rodent of Wiarton.

Saint Innocent & Winter Travel
   An important link is drawn in this article between the long-distance snow travels of Saint Innocent, Enlightener of Alaska, and the Canadian winter driving culture.

A Search for Wholeness: An Orthodox Response to Organ Donation & Retrieval
   First in a three-part series, this long-awaited article attempts to bridge the gap between the view of the Church Fathers on the human body, and the increasingly pressing question of organ donation.

Letter from Ravenna: Reunion in the Trenches
   A contrast of the essential versus the apparent differences between Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism, in light of recent meetings.

Vol. 2 No. 5 - Feast of St. Nicholas 2007

Father Seraphim Rose:
   A Quarter Century Later

Urban & Orthodox:
   Faith and the City

Faith of Our Fathers:
   My Grandad was no Environmentalist

No Silence in Heaven:
   Remembering Remembrance Day

Raise the Flag

Always, Everywhere, and by All:
   Giving the Ancestors A Vote

The Mother of Relativism:
   Elizabeth I and the Shaping of the Canadian Mind

Religion for Girls
   The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity

Poetry: My Soul, O Lord, my soul doth weep for Thee

Vol. 2 No. 4 - Holy Cross 2007

Back to School:
   Guarding the Senses

On Priestly Formation:
   Small is Beautiful

Oh Say, Can't You See?:
   The OCA and the American Problem

More Than Words:
   On the Language of Heaven

Tearing the Family Album:
   A Crime Against Love

Courting Disaster

Poetry: O Thou Who Art Both Priest and Offering

Enough Already:
   Pulp Fiction isn't Christian Epic

Papal Hopes & Orthodox Popes:
   Did the Turks Get Something Right?

Vol. 2 No. 3 - Dormition 2007

St. Brendan's Journey & Immigration

Working for the Weekend

Daughters, Mighty in Christ:
   Three Western Orthodox Princesses

Real Estate Boom

Submit to Those in Authority

Scotland the Brave

Ever a Minority?

Whose Life Is It Anyway?:
   Why We Pray The Way We Pray

Dreaming of Byzantium

Sonnet XVI:
   When Patrick Stood Upon the Ancient Hill

The Belgrade, Moscow, Byzantine Hood:
   Reaping What We Sow

Vol. 2 No. 2 - Pentecost 2007

Canada's Patron:
   The Dragon-Slayer of Lydda

Warming the Heart:
   The Orthodox Spirit in Everyday Life

On Mistakes and Heresies

Gudrid: Canadian Anchorite

Tomb Hunters
   Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Canary in the Mineshaft
   The End of Organized Religion

Life in a Northern Town
   Liturgy Canadian Style

A Few Great Men
   Whither Saint Gregory?

Where's the Party?
   A political home for Orthodox Christians in Canada?

Mickey Mouse Matrimony:
   The Disneyfication of Religion

Scrambling the Ghetto
   Keeping the Kids

Poetry: Awake, My Soul!

Vol. 2 No. 1 - Pascha 2007

The Vikings in Newfoundland
   Canada's first Orthodox parish?

A Canadian Orthodox Commonwealth?
   The Nation that Could Have Been

False Black: Gothic & Orthodox?

Death of the DQ:
   Nostalgia isn't Faith

Nietzsche's Iconography
   The Superhero Generation(s)

The Shape of the Church Calendar in Canada

Vol. 1 No. 2 - Nativity 2006

Puritans, Pagans, and Pudding:
   Phases of My Christmas Table Experience

Terrorism, Airlines, and the Mission of St. John

Caroling & Public Schools

The Great Blessing of Waters:
   From Sea to Sea

Canadian Orthodox Martyrs?

Telling the Truth in Istanbul:
   1054 A.D. All Over Again?

Green Martyrdom

From the Trenches:
   Rome and Same Sex Unions

Vol. 1 No. 1 - Feast of St. Nicholas 2006

St. Mary of Egypt: An Intercessor for Canadian cities
   Orthodoxy and the Blindness of the Canadian Dream

God Save the King?
   An Orthodox Monarch for Canada?

Canada: Doorway to a New Christian Commonwealth?
   The Real Inheritance of Holy Russia & Byzantium

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