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Vol. 2 No. 4 - Holy Cross 2007

O Thou Who Art Both Priest and Offering

O Thou who art both Priest and Offering,
Both Lamb and Shepherd, Gift and He Who Gives;
O Thou who lay entombed and yet who lives,
To Thee I pledge myself, Immortal King.

And yet, My Lord, this is a little thing,
This gift a trifling, tarnished heart which strives
And seeks for tears, on which repentance thrives,
But tears from true humility do spring.

And so I pray Thee, Lord, to let me see
How small a thing I give--a widow's mite
Compared with Thine unending love--my will.

Thy mercy true shall take that which is free
For me to squander or to spend aright,
And shall my soul with virtue's riches fill!

Sarah Hillis, (Holy Cross, 2007)

© All Saints of North America Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America, 2007.