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Vol. 2 No. 3 - Dormition 2007

Sonnet XVI:
When Patrick Stood Upon the Ancient Hill

When Patrick stood upon the ancient hill Of Irish Kings, and with the holy light
Of Paschal flame did swiftly put to flight
The rule of fallen nature,
He did fill That land with joyous news that Christ did kill
The ancient sway of death and reign of night.

With wood which might have kindled feast or rite
Of spring did Patrick kindle warmth from chill.
At Tara, when the Paschal flame did burn,
Christ's conquering of death was written plain
Upon the earth and sky of Erin.

There, The Light of Hope did dawn.
The land did learn The Truth that Christ did die and rise again, And is the Joy of Spring made pure and fair.

Sara Hillis, (Dormition, 2007)

© All Saints of North America Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America, 2007.